WODs for Saturday 7/30/11


WODs for Saturday 7/30/11

The CF Class WOD is purely a warm-up for their Bonus WOD…back to the deadlift position for their snatches!!! And how nice are we to our KBellers?  We give you1 minute rest in between your rounds.  Better than “Tabata Something Else”, right?! 🙂

KB Class WOD: Tabata Dual Push Press Rest 1min Tabata KB SDHP Rest 1min Tabata Burpee

CF Class WOD: Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Bonus WOD: Death by Power Snatch and Burpee Perform 1 power snatch and 1 burpee the first minute2 power snatches and 2 burpees the second minute, 3 power snatches and 3 burpees the third minute. Continue until you are unable to complete the specified number of snatches and burpees in the allotted minute. OPTIONAL – If you ‘finish’ in 6 minutes or less, switch to doing burpees only until 10 minutes (7 burpees in the minute, 8 burpees. . . etc).

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