WODs for Saturday 7/9/11


WODs for Saturday 7/9/11

Don’t forget to keep your t-shirt ideas coming.  You have until Friday, July 15th to come up with the best, most creative design and slogan for our new Arenal Fitness t-shirt.  If your idea is picked, you win a free t-shirt to brag about.  🙂  Email your ideas or post them on the whiteboard in the gym. [email protected]

CF Class Team WOD: Teams of two: 20 Minute AMRAP: While one team member completes 125 Jumpropes the other team member does as many rounds as possible of: 8 Box Jumps 4 Turkish Get-ups (2/2) 8 Hand Release Push-Ups

Once the jumpropes are complete, team members switch and then continue on for 20 minutes trying to get as many rounds as pssible.

KB Class WOD: 3 Rounds:

100 ft walk dual bells in the rack 100 ft walk dual bells overhead 100 ft walking lunge no bells 50 dual bell push press 400m run

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