WODs for Saturday, 8/22/15


WODs for Saturday, 8/22/15



20 minute clock Press x3 Push Press x3 Jerk x3 Progressive Load

As you increase the load, it will become harder and harder to press the weight, due to the poor efficiency of this movement. When you fail the Press, drop this movement from the complex and continue with Push Press and Jerk.  Again, you’ll climb to a point where you can’t push press anymore and now your next set will just be jerks.

Met-Con: 3 Rounds for time 350 meter run 50 m Walking Lunge Rest 1 minute

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In 20 minutes: 21-15-9 Combos (1-2-1-elbow) Air Squats 15-12-9 Knees (each side) Pushups 9-6-3 Roundhouses (each side) Pullups Rest 2 Minutes AMRAP – 3 Minutes 5 Thrusters 20 Hammerfists Rest 1 Minute AMRAP – Balance 5 Burpees 10 Sledge Strikes 15 Combos (1-2)

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #4

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