WODs for Saturday 8/6/11


WODs for Saturday 8/6/11

Slam Ball – • Raise ball overhead and then forcefully throw it to the ground by engaging abdominals, hip flexors, and arms, while simultaneously dropping into a deep squat • Catch the ball when it rebounds from the floor and repeat while still in the deep squat • Catch the ball and repeat Faults • Leaning forward to catch ball • Not having a deep enough squat to catch the ball Kettlebell Swing – here is a great article on Kettlebell Swings • Squat position • Chest up • Arms straight • Back arched • Look straight ahead • Pop hip forward • Arms locked • Full extension • Arms straight overhead by ears Faults • Weight shifts to toes • Knees roll in • Not going low enough • Lifting with your back, not your legs

CF Class WOD: How many rounds in 20min: scale weights and modify as needed. 3 HSPU 5 Power Cleans 115/85 7 Slamball

KB Class WOD: As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes 8 Right, 8 Left one-armed kettlebell swings 20 feet walking lunge with kettlebell racked at the shoulder, switch sides each round.

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