WODs for Saturday 9/22/12


WODs for Saturday 9/22/12

Special guest instructor for the KB class.  Today’s class was called “Murph’s Class”.  They took it outside and had a blast!!

Just when a person would think FGB (Fight Gone Bad) couldn’t get worse, we did it Striking style with 6 exercises instead of the 5 in the traditional FGB.  WOW!!!  FUN STUFF!!

When you look at the pictures, the Toes To Bar are getting so much better.  People are getting higher and higher and learning the skill to get those toes to touch the bar.  WAY TO GO!!!  You should be proud of every inch and every pound you accomplish!!

KB Class WOD: 3 Rounds:

15 hand release push-ups 50 ft KB Walk, 2 bells,one hand in the suitcase and one bell locked out overhead in waiter’s walk position Switch hands at the 25 ft mark and walk back.

CF Class WOD: Five rounds for time of: 12 Wallball shots, 20/14 pound ball 12 Toes-to-bar

CF Striking: FGB Style

1-2 Wall Balls Sit Up Strikes Slam Balls Ground & Pound (1-2-3-4) A-Frame Kicks (Alt) Kb swings (35/20)

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