WODs for Thursday 1/10/13


WODs for Thursday 1/10/13

Strength testing today for the CFitters and KBellers!  PR!! PR!! PR!!

KB Class WOD:

Test Day:

Dual KB Front Squat, 1 rep KB Shoulder Press, 1 rep


3 rounds 25x Goblet squat (55#/35#) Walking KB swing, 20 steps 15x Push-ups

CF Class WOD: Test Day “CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep Shoulder Press, 1 rep Deadlift, 1 rep

For those that already completed the test day on Monday, they will complete a 3×3 for one of the CF Total strength movements of their choice and then complete the following Bonus WOD.

BONUS WOD: As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of: *Women’s Rx 5 strict presses (Advanced: 95lbs, Intermediate*: 65lbs, Novice: 45lbs) 5 push presses 5 push jerks 20 jumping chest to bar pull-ups (bar should be approx 4″ inches above height)

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