WODs for Thursday, 1/19/17


WODs for Thursday, 1/19/17

Strength: Back Squat Knees To Elbows or Toes To Bar

Met-Con: 4 Rounds: You have 3 minutes to complete the following: 15 Kettlebell Swing (American)s, 45/25 lbs Run, 400 m 20 Jumpropes  (singles) Scale the run as needed.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #1


Strength: Floor Press 3×3 (3 reps R/3 reps L)

Met-con: 3 rounds Row 250 meters 10x Dips 20x KB snatch, 10x per arm 30x Sit-ups 40x KB clean, 20x per arm

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