WODs for Thursday 12/1/11


WODs for Thursday 12/1/11

The strength/metcon mixed WOD was so much fun yesterday, we thought we would give it another go today for our CFitters.

KB Class WOD: partner wod


Pull-ups Dual KB hold in the rack position 55/35 lb

Do one burpee every time you or your partner comes off the bar or the bells touch the ground

15 minute cap

ex: Partner A holds two KB’s in the rack position, while Partner B does 10 pull-ups. When Partner B is done with Pull-ups they they switch…Partner A is now doing 10 pull-ups and Partner B is holding the KB’s in the rack position.pullups.

CF Class WOD: Deadlift 5 – 5 – 5

then… For time*: 21 Deadlifts 800 M Run 15 Deadlifts 400 M Run 9 Deadlifts 200 M Run

*15 min time limit. Use 70% of your heaviest 5 rep for the deadlifts.

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