WODs for Thursday 12/13/12


WODs for Thursday 12/13/12

KBellers abs were on fire today between their knees to elbows and sits ups.  Their hands release push ups could be easy or hard.  If you are used to getting your chest to the deck then the split second relief of the muscle contraction is a huge welcome.  For those who don’t normally get your chest to the deck, the hand release push will feel harder because you are getting to a fuller range of motion.

Bastards for the CFitters – a burpee with a lateral jump over the bar.  Betcha ya thought a bastard was something different!!!  🙂

KB Class WOD: 21-15-9 Knees to elbows KB Turkish get-ups (55/35) Sit-ups American KB swings (55/35) Hand Release push-ups

CF Class WOD: Strength: Military Press 3×5 75-85%

Met-Con: 21-15-9 rep rds of: Bastards (Burpee followed by a lateral jump over bar) Ground to overhead 95/65

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