WODs for Thursday 12/5/13


WODs for Thursday 12/5/13

CF & KB Class WOD: Strength: Bench Press

2×5 – 55-60% of max


Strength: Floor Press 3×3 (3 reps R/3 reps L)

Met-con: Quality Assurance Day!

QA (Quality Assurance) DAY!! Pair up and partners take each other through the workout counting only Quality REPS!! **This is the sorting WOD for the Heartbreak Games

1 minute ME Deadlifts (185/115) Rest 1 minute 1 minute ME Abmat Situps Rest 1 minute 1 minute ME KB Swings (55/35) Rest 1 minute 1 minute ME Burpees to 3″ target Rest 2 minute ME 400m Run

Judging Standards: DL are standard. Floor to extension with shoulders behind bar. Touch and go is fine.

Situps. With hips at 90 degrees facing a wall establish distance by fingertips straight out in front touching the wall. ROM is hands touching behind head and PALMS touching wall to ensure full range.

KB is a standard american. Bell does NOT need to be up and down. Full extension at overhead is the only requirement.

Burpees to target go to a single ring. Measure by way of one arm locked out overhead with shoulder blade down and back and not shrugged. Thighs, stomach, chest to the ground and both hands touch the ring on the jump.

The run…is a run. Please use the opposite side of the street to ensure timing and distance uniformity.

SCORES for each section MUST be kept separate and reported as such. For the competitors the event is being broken into components to avoid a movement bias.

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