WODs for Thursday 2/23/12


WODs for Thursday 2/23/12

Pistols are 1 legged squats.  How low can you go on one leg?  🙂

Running with a medicine ball is much more challenging than you think….give it a shot.  If it is not challenging, use a heavier ball.  After all you are here to workout. 🙂

CF Class WOD: For time: Run 800 meters 15 left-legged pistols 15 right-legged pistols 25 sit-ups 12 left-legged pistols 12 right-legged pistols 25 sit-ups 9 right-legged pistols 9 left legged pistols 25 sit-ups Run 800 meters

KB Class WOD: 25 American swings 15 Deadlifts 200m run with med ball 15 Deadlifts 25 Russian swings

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