WODs for Thursday, 2/24/11


WODs for Thursday, 2/24/11

A lot of team work lately!!  It’s important to work together to get each other through the workouts.  We usually cheer people on, support and encourage each other in the normal WOD’s.  Today is different…we do it to work as partners until the end!!!

CF Class WOD: Teams of 2 complete the following for time:

1200m Run together 50 Power Cleans -135# M/95# W 100 Pullups 200 Anchored Situps 1200m Run together

The reps are totals for the team of 2. Partition reps as you see fit, but only one partner can be working at any given time and team members must complete equal amounts of reps per exercise.

KB Class WOD: 6 minute AMRAP:

12 american swings 3 burpees


— 1 minute rest followed by —

4 minutes of tabata box jumps

then 4 minutes of tabata kb deadlift

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