WODs for Thursday 2/7/13


WODs for Thursday 2/7/13

2 minute Push Up Challenge for the month of February!!! 

To get your name on the board Rx male 40 reps; female 25 reps. 

Scaled version – place a bar on the pull up rack at the 8th hole up from the bottom bolt. 

You can try as many times as you’d like to try to beat your highest score.

KB Class WOD: KB Goblet Squat, 15 reps 75/55 Run 200 meters KB Goblet Squat, 20 reps 55/35 Run 400 meters, KB Goblet Squat, 30 reps 35/25 Run 800 meters

Coaching Point: Focus on being upright in your torso, chest up, pushing knees out throughout the squat and getting hips below parallel.

CF Class WOD:

Skill: Push-Up

Coaching Point: work to complete full ROM push-up in a plank position as opposed to doing push ups on your knees – use barbells across rack or boxes if needed.

Met-Con: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: 95/65 pound Sumo deadlift high pull Lateral jumps, over 24/20” obstacle

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