WODs for Thursday 2/7/14


WODs for Thursday 2/7/14

New month = new programming patterns.  Team WODs will no longer just be on Wednesdays and the Mystery WODs will continue to change days.  Today our peeps got a double whammy!!!

Mystery & Team Thursday!

CF Class WOD:

Teams of two will complete three rounds each (total of 6 rounds per team) of: 10 x Lateral Box Jumps 24/18 15 x Thrusters 95/65 20 x Knees to Elbows

While one partner works through the round, the other must hold two dumbbells fully extended overhead. If the dumbbells are dropped from overhead, both partners must perform 3 burpees before resuming the remainder of their round. If you don’t have a partner, rest with dumbbells extended overhead for as long as it took you to complete the round – performing 3 burpees every time you drop the dumbbells.

 Dumbbells: Rx: 35/25

KB Class WOD:

Partner WOD:

In teams of two, alternating complete rounds, complete five rounds each of: 10 KB Tactical Lunges 55/35 15 Kettlebell Power Swings 55/35 20 Double-Unders

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