WODs for Thursday 3/10/11


WODs for Thursday 3/10/11

Don’t ever say we don’t give you rest time during your workouts.  We’re giving you 2 minutes today, 3 times.  6 minutes of rest…THAT’S GENEROUS!!  🙂

Burpees for everyone today no matter whether which CF class you are in.  GOTTA LUV BURPEES!!!

KB WOD: 4 rounds: alternate between exercises KB swings 20-25-30-35 Burpee tuck jumps 20-15-10-5

CF Class WOD: Repeat for 3 rounds total, rest 2 minutes between rounds Max rounds in 4 minutes of 15x Push press (75#/55#) 10x Sumo deadlift high pull (75#/55#) 5x Burpees

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