WODs for Thursday 3/13/14


WODs for Thursday 3/13/14

Why perfect the perfect air squat?  Why not?

People tend to not stabilize their spine in their air squats because they want to plow through the WOD for time.  Yet the air squat is the foundation for all other weighted squats. If you can’t get into proper form for the air squat, then your front squat, back squat, and overhead squats will be that more difficult.

Our new phase of programming has begun.  Let’s perfect our squats and then see how many PRs we hit with our weighted squats and our MetCons!

[caption id="attachment_51563" align="alignleft" width="325"]kid squat How we naturally squat as a child[/caption] [caption id="attachment_51562" align="alignleft" width="239"]bad air squat How we tend to squat in our WODs[/caption]                   [caption id="attachment_51561" align="aligncenter" width="220"]How we are supposed to squat as an adult How we are supposed to squat as an adult[/caption]  

CF Class WOD: Strength: 3 Rounds: Snatch, 5 reps (find a moderate weight that members will continue to build on throughout the month) Rest 1 minute Super Slow Air Squat, 10 reps, 5 seconds down, 5 seconds up Rest 1-2 minutes

Met-con: “Relay O’ Fun” Teams of Two. Runs are split evenly by partners but can be split up however they want. For example, for the 800 meter run, Partner A can run 400 and then Partner B runs 400 OR Partner A runs 200, Partner B runs, 200, Partner A runs 200, and Partner B runs 200. Reps are per person per exercise. For example, each partner must complete 20 Bumper Plate Burpees but they can split it up however they want…one person working at a time.

800m Relay Run 20 Bumper Plate Burpees 45/25 600m Relay Run 40 Hand Release Push-ups 400m Relay Run 60 Sit-ups 200m Relay Run 80 Double Unders – (scale with missed attempts)

KB Class WOD: Strength: 2 Rounds: Kettlebell Snatch, 5 reps R/L Rest 1 minute Super Slow Air Squat, 10 reps, 5 seconds down, 5 seconds up Rest 1-2 minutes

Met-con: Partner WOD: In teams of 2, AMRAP 12: 7 Kettlebell Swings 70/55 7 Burpees 7 Wall Balls 20/14 Alternate athletes each round.

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