WODs for Thursday 5/16/13


WODs for Thursday 5/16/13

CF Class WOD: Strength: Low Bar Back Squat 5,3,2 5 reps should be done around 75% of their max, 3 reps around 85% of their max, and 2 reps around 95% of their max

Coaching Point: Here is a video from Rippetoe which discusses the benefits of the low bar back squat.  The bar is moved down to sit on the rear deltoids and across the spine of the scapula. In this position, the lifter must incline his torso more forward in order to keep the bar over the mid-foot.

The low bar squat maintains tension throughout the descent, creates a stretch reflex to “bounce” off the tense hamstrings, and then utilizes the hamstrings to extend the hip.

Met-Con: 10 Minute AMRAP Unbroken Push Press 95/65 120m Shuttle Run (10,20,30) This is scored by the total number of Push Press reps you complete during the 10 minutes. For the reps to be considered unbroken the bar must be either: in motion, paused overhead, or resting on the shoulders. Any deviation from those three points is considered a broken set. Any time you set the bar down you will head out door and run the shuttle. The Shuttle Run starts at the Zero Line, then you will run to the 10m line, turn around and run back to the Zero Line. Then to the 20m line and back to the Zero. Finish by running to the 30m and back to the Zero Line. You can run in either direction but must start at the Zero Line. One hand must time every line. It does not have to be the same hand every time.

KB Class WOD: Strength: Start with light weight and try to increase

4×8 Exercise: Hot Potato

The “Hot Potato” is a fun H2H drill that can be easily combined with other H2H drills for interesting combinations. Due to the fact when black kettlebells sit in the hot sun – they get HOT – you’ll find it natural to want to toss the bell like a hot potato! The Hot Potato is a dynamic drill for strengthening the muscles of the core and upper body. There are many variations to this exercise; some develop more hand/forearm strength than others. Be sure to start out with a light kettlebell and gradually progress with both number of reps and with increased weight. [gallery ids="38341,38343,38344,38345,38346,38347,38348,38349,38350,38351,38352,38353,38354,38355,38356,38357,38358,38359,38360,38361,38362,38363,38364,38365,38366,38369,38368,38370,38367,38371,38372"]]]>