WODs for Thursday, 5/18/17


WODs for Thursday, 5/18/17

Strength: Bear Complex 3-3-3     Try to increase by 5-10lbs from last time. Power clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Push Press

Met-Con: 6 rounds total; Alternate between 1) and 2) for 3 rounds of each 1) Sprint 200m-30 lateral jumps (over parallettes)-Sprint 200m 2) Sprint 200m-25 db push press – Sprint 200m Rest exactly 90 secs after each round

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #6


Skill: Tabata Superman Holds      Met-con: 8 rounds – alternate sides each round 8x Single arm KB thruster (55#/35#) 8x Pistols 8x KB reverse stationary lunge – hold KB in rack position

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