WODs for Thursday 5/30/13


WODs for Thursday 5/30/13

CF Class WOD: Strength: Deadlift 5,3,2 reps 5 reps should be done around 75% of your max, 3 reps around 85% of your max, and 2 reps around 95% of your max

Coaching Points: Check out this article from the CF Journal and check out this collection of videos on proper set up and back angles.

Met-Con: Headbutt AMRAP 10: 6 Deadlifts (225,155) 6 HSPU

KB Class WOD: Strength:

KB Strong Cycle 4 minute Clean and Jerk Test: Should be heavy.

One switch during the time period. The bell cannot touch the ground, the opposite hand except for the switch and cannot be supported in anyway except overhead. A no rep would be an incomplete lockout at the top.

Met-Con: 3 rounds Run 200 meters 10x Dual KB sumo deadlift 70/55 10x/arm KB Windmill (35/25) 50m Farmer walk (can use KB’s or DB’s)

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