WODs for Thursday 6/20/13


WODs for Thursday 6/20/13

CF Class WOD: Skill: Push-Ups

Met-con: 20 minute AMRAP 9 Pull ups 12 Push Press 95/65 50m (or 164 feet) Farmer’s Walk 55/35

KB Class WOD: Skill: Double Russian Swing

Coaching Point: The Double Swing is one of the most powerful ballistic drills that you can use with kettlebells. There is no way to muscle up two heavy kettlebells. You have to have powerful hamstrings to make double swings happen. On the Double Swing you are going to focus on driving through with the hips as fast and as powerful as possible. Do not worry how high the bells get. In fact, they should not get higher then chest level. Keep the tension and focus on the hamstrings. A large percentage of the lower body explosive power comes from the hamstrings. Keep that in mind when doing Double Swings. If your lower back gets sore then you are not doing the exercise correctly.


3 rounds Run 400m 10x Pistols, each leg 10/10 KB Snatch, 55/35

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