WODs for Thursday 6/2/11


WODs for Thursday 6/2/11

Today was an amazing day for WODs.  The heat finally broke and we WODed outside with pleasure and we learned to put all of our lifts together.  When our CFitters were instructed on what the lifts were, they gave true meaning to the CF WODs Namesake.

Our facility got 4 feet narrower during our construction, which didn’t phase any of our members.  They just say, “Who cares?  We’re going outside. ”  So our KBellers, grabbed their equipment and got their WOD on outside!!!  Pssst – thank goodness the tarp in coming down and our members can enjoy 1,600 more square feet of CFitting!!!

KB WOD: 15 minute AMRAP:

8 american swings 8 box jumps 8 pull-ups

CF Class WOD: “The Bitches”

A bitch is a power clean to a push press, come down to back of neck, back squat, lunge on each leg, then push press is one rep.

5 Bitches 95/65 – scale accordingly Run 100m 5 Bitches Run 200m 5 Bitches Run 100m 5 Bitches Run 200m

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