WODs for Thursday, 7/19/12


WODs for Thursday, 7/19/12

Lots of time today to work on some skills.  Our CFitters were able to work on improving their Hang Power Snatch and Double Unders. As instructor Meghann likes to say, “the Double Under Fairy doesn’t come by and sprinkle magic dust in order for you to get your double unders…you have to work on them!”

CF Class WOD:

Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-3-3


10 minute AMRAP:

35 Double Unders (sub with Tuck Jumps)

200 meter run

KB Class WOD:

20 kb squats, hold the bell by the bell 10 russians 5 single armed swings, L 5 single armed swings, R

4 rounds  if you put the bell down during a round that’s 3 burpees for every time the bell hits the ground.  do all of your burpees at the end of each round before starting the next round.

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