WODs for Thursday 7/21/11


WODs for Thursday 7/21/11

Wow, it was a hot one today.  Good thing the runs for our CF and KB classes were short distances.  Believe us, it could have been much worse!

For our CrossFitters it was all about the jumps.  Our express class used this opportunity to jump on a higher box than they normally would during a workout since they completed less reps.  For Double Unders the key is to not get frustrated.  This is a tough skill  to learn and you have to work on them consistently as you may find one day you have them and the next you don’t.  Keep practicing and you will get better and better.

Even our KBellers got their jumps in today when doing Bastards (burpee to a lateral jump).  They also got to work on lots of different skills as the workout incorporated several different exercises.

CF Class WOD:

200 meter run 30 Box Jumps 24″/20″ 30 Double Unders – sub tuck jumps for DU’s

KB Class WOD:

2 Rounds for time

10 Bastards (use parallete) 10 Slam Balls 200 meter run 10 Tactical Lunges 10 H2H Release 10 Ring Rows

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