WODs for Thursday 8/30/12


WODs for Thursday 8/30/12

It’s always better working out with a partner.  More motivating and it pushes you to continue and not let your partner down.

CF Class WOD: Run or Row 5K

Nooner CF WOD: “Weighted 5K” 2600 meter credit for reps (5.2 meters per rep) + 2400 meters of running

In teams of 2: “A” – runs 200m then runs 100m with plate 45/25 (400m distance credit)

while “B” starts to complete total reps per team of the following exercises: 50 squat thrusters 100 KBS 55/25 150 mountain climbers 200 single unders (each) or 67 Double unders (total)

4 rounds of running for each team member. After each run, team members switch places and pick up where the other left off.

Partner KB WOD: you go, i go

Dual kb clean to push press (clean before every press)

up the ladder


Stanlee does 1 Lamar does 1 Stanlee does 2 Lamar does 2…etc.

3 rounds

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