WODs for Tuesday 10/15/13


WODs for Tuesday 10/15/13

Many have asked, “Why are the workouts named after Girls?”  Coach Glassman, the founder and President of CrossFit explained it best. “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a name.  I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name.  Workouts are just like storms, they wreak havoc on towns.”

CF and KB MetCon WOD:

Met-con: “Helen”

Three rounds for time: Run 400 meters   Kettlebell X 21 swings 55/35 12 Pull-ups

Pack: 3 rounds for time Run 400 m 21 dumbbell/kettlebell swings, 35-45# 12 pull ups women 25#

Puppies: 3 rounds for time of run 400 m 15 kettlebell/dumbbell swings, 15-25# 9 pull ups (assisted, or beginner pull ups)

Buttercups: 3 rounds for time of run 200 m (run/walk) 12 kettlebell/dumbbell swings, 5-10# 6 pull ups (assisted, or beginner pull ups)

For a Big Dawg this workout should be all unbroken. The Brand X record is 6:28

CF Class Strength: Low Bar Back Squat 3×5 80-85% of max

 KB Class Strength: 3 Second Pause Kettlebell Goblet Squat: 3×5


Arenal Fitness “Helen” results are:

Women’s Rx

1. Misti Burmeister 11:32

2. Kristen Ditch 13:10

Women’s Puppies

1. Karen Konkel 11:38 (25# Green Band)

2. Sarah Stamper 10:59 (20# Green Band)

Women’s Masters Rx

1. Janice Bonner 14 (strict pull ups)

Lauren Closic 11:07 (coach)

2. Susan Simpson 11:47 (coach)

3. Donna Pierce 12:33 (coach)

Men’s Rx

1. Chris Pistell 8:32

2. Ryan Cooke 9:51

3. Will Gray 10:00

Men’s Puppies

1. Sam Haas 14:41 (banded pull ups)

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