WODs for Tuesday 1/10/12


WODs for Tuesday 1/10/12

Can you do Olympic lifts with a KB?  Our KBellers can…check out their WOD!!

KB Class WOD:

1 Snatch, 1 Clean and Jerk, 2 Amer. Swing 2 Snatch, 2 Clean and Jerk, 4 Amer. Swing 3,3,6 4,4,8… (continue in this manner until) 10,10,20

Snatches and Clean & Jerks are per arm

CF Class WOD: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

G-WOD 12/4:


Pistol Squat Drill from MWOD for 5 minutes Pistols with Roll for 5 minutes