WODs for Tuesday 11/15/11


WODs for Tuesday 11/15/11

For those of you who never thought they could do CrossFit competition WODs, today is your day to see what it is all about…3…2…1…GO!!!

CF Class WOD:

Mid-Atlantic Hopper Final Workout: In teams of two complete the following: Rx: 75/55 lbs

7 Hang Snatch 15 Pull-Ups 10 Back Squat 15 Hand Release Push-Ups 10 Hang Squat Clean 15 GHD Sit-ups Prowler Suicide – 10-20-30 meters

Cannot move onto the next exercise until both team members have completed the movement. When GHD sit-ups are complete, each team member must pull the weight off of their bar and then carry their weights outside and load them onto the prowler. Team members push the prowler together – high on way out and low on the way back.

KB Class WOD: 8 Rounds: 3 ring dips 4 dual hang cleans 5 dual front squats

20 minute time cap

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