WODs for Tuesday 1/15/13


WODs for Tuesday 1/15/13

Today was the kick off CFKids 2013 class.  They weren’t holding back.  Got started day 1 with burpees!!

CF Class WOD: Strength: Clean & Jerk 3×5 75-85%

Met-Con: Tabata Double Unders Sub with Tuck Jumps then: Tabata Ring Rows then: Tabata Superman holds then: Tabata Sit-ups

KB Class WOD: SDHP 3×5

Then: 10 Min AMRAP = 15 KB Deadlifts 10 Hand release Push-Ups 15 Box Jumps 10 GHD Sit-ups

CFKids Class WOD:


deadlifts burpees box jumps

Cash out:  planks/sit ups [gallery orderby="post_date"]]]>