WODs for Tuesday, 1/19/16


WODs for Tuesday, 1/19/16


Shoulder Press “Hinge”

Met-Con: Partner WOD 6 min AMRAP Row 200m while partner does max Push Presses

1 minute Transition

6 min AMRAP 12 Burpees while partner does max Pull-ups

*Score is total combined reps for PP & PU

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #2


Box Jump

Met-con: Teams of 2: 15 Minute AMRAP: Team Workout: One person runs 200 meters with med ball (20/14) while the other does American KB swings (55/35). Alternate after one teammate completes run. Every minute on the minute, both teammates do 5 pushups. Score is total number of KB swings [gallery ids="90574,90575,90576,90577,90578,90579,90580,90581,90582,90583,90584,90585,90586,90587,90588,90589,90590,90591,90592,90593,90594,90595,90596,90597,90598,90599,90600,90601,90602,90603,90604,90605,90606,90607,90608,90609,90610,90611,90612,90613,90614,90615,90616,90617,90618,90619,90620,90621,90622,90623,90624,90625,90626,90627,90628,90629,90630,90631,90632,90633,90634,90635,90636,90637,90638,90639"]]]>