WODs for Tuesday, 12/31/13


WODs for Tuesday, 12/31/13

New Years Eve WOD: “Countdown to Midnight”

Teams of 2 will complete: 2013 Meter Run (alternate every 200 meters, last 413 meters has to be done as a team) Then, both partners must complete each round individually in the countdown to the New Year…. For example, partner A completes 10 Wall Ball, then partner B completes 10 Wall Ball, partner A, 9 Pull-Ups, Partner B, 9 Pull-ups….down to 1.

10 Wall Ball 9 Pull-Ups 8 Push Up to lateral plank (complete push-up, at top of push-up while maintaining plank position, step to the right, complete push-up, step to the left, etc… 7 KB Single Arm Russian Swing (ea arm) 6 Jumping Lunges, (ea leg) 5 Inverted Burpees 4 KB Get Ups (the sit-up portion of the TGU) 3 KB Clusters (ea side) 2 KB Turkish Get-ups (total, 1 per side) 1 50m KB Swing and walk – Then, 2014 Meter Row (200 Each last 414 meters has to be done as a team)

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