WODs for Tuesday 1/3/11


WODs for Tuesday 1/3/11

Just when you thought Fight Gone Bad (FGB) couldn’t get any worse.  Only 30 seconds of rest time in between rounds for our KBellers.  BUT!!  And a huge BUT that is, it’s only 2 rounds and not 3.  Who said we are not nice? 🙂

For our CFitters, they got a “death by” WOD today, only it’s called “Last Man Standing”.  Complete the reps on the minute.  The faster you do the reps, the more rest you have.  Talk about MOTIVATION!!!

KB Class WOD: 1 minute of work at each station (FGB style) 30 seconds of rest/transition 2 Rounds:

Jumprope (single or double) farmer’s walk tire flips with jump in/out of tire to get to other side Power Swings Sit-ups

CF Class WOD: “Last Athlete Standing”

Rx’d 105# M/75# W, 30″ M/24″ W, Scaled 95# M/65# W, 24″ M/20″ W

On the 1st minute, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Box Jump On the 2nd min, 2 HPS, 2 BJ On the 3rd min, 3 HSP, 3 BJ And so on, until the reps for the given minute can’t be completed.

G-WOD 10/16/11:


15 Superman Rocks Hold L Seat for 15 seconds FINISH with AMRAP in 2 minutes: Air Squat