WODs for Tuesday 1/31/12


WODs for Tuesday 1/31/12

Oh my what a workout.  Strength + body weight metcon = KILLER WOD!!! No worries, it’s all scalable for all fitness levels.  It’s just that this is a great mix of a workout!!!

Our KBellers had to also mix cardio and strength.  You try running and then doing one of the most difficult olympic movements out there with a kettlebell nonetheless.  🙂  Our KBellers kicked it in high gear and did an amazing job at completing their WOD!!

KB Class WOD: For Time: 21 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – R) 21 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – L) 400 m Run 15 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – R) 15 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – L) 400 m Run 9 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – R) 9 Kettlebell Snatch (one arm – L) 400 m Run

CF Class WOD: 20 Deadlifts (225/135) -Then 10 Rounds: 7 Pullups 7 Burpees -Then 20 Deadlifts (225/135)

*scale as needed*

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