WODs for Tuesday 2/12/13


WODs for Tuesday 2/12/13

KB Class WOD: Partner Workout:

In teams of 2, 15 minute AMRAP.

While 1 person runs 200m the other completes:

5 Power Swings (55/35) 5 R/L KB snatch (35/25) continue KB movements until the run is complete then swap.

Coaching Point: Power Swing: Focus on strong hip drive and squeeze of the glutes. Limit height of the Kettlebell to shoulder height rather than eye level and then actively push the KB back down to be able to do more reps in less time.

CF Class WOD: Strength: 3 Stop Snatch 6×2 These reps should be done around 90-95% of max

Coaching Point: 3 Stop Snatch – Stop at shins, knees, hips, then SNATCH!  The purpose is to work on the getting the feel and gaining strength in each of the 3 positions by hitting the position, pause for a 2 count, hit the next, and so on.

Met-Con: Complete 6 rounds for time:

50 yard Farmer’s Walk – can use dumbbells/kettlebells/plates Sprint 50 yards

*Go as heavy as possible for Farmer’s Walk *Start by walking 50 yards for farmers walk, set weight down and sprint 50 yards *For rest, walk back to dumbbells/kettlebells/plates

CFKids Class WOD:

Just saying Fun Outdoor Obstacle Course – somersault, jumps over paralletts, sprint, slam ball, agility ladder run throughs, and tire steps. [gallery ids="34102,34103,34104,34105,34106,34107,34108,34109,34110,34112,34114,34115,34117,34118,34119,34120,34121,34122,34123,34124,34113,34127,34126,34128,34129,34130,34131,34132,34133,34135,34136,34137,34138,34139,34140,34156,34159,34155,34157,34158,34144,34145,34143,34142,34141,34146"]]]>