WODs for Tuesday 2/18/14


WODs for Tuesday 2/18/14

Team Tuesday!

CF Class WOD: Strength: Back Squat 3×5 Try to increase by 5-10lbs from previous squat day

Met-con: 5 rounds each, alternating with a partner: 10 shoulder to overhead 135/95 10 pull ups

KB Class WOD:

Strength: 2×5 Dual KB front squat or goblet squat


1 working while 1 holding isometric hold. Partners switch when the partner doing the isometric hold stops.

100 Figure 8 / Static squat 100 Russian Swings / Plank 100 Goblet Squats) / Hang on bar, activated shoulder 50 Snatch/ Handstand hold against wall 50 Burpees / Superman

Scaling Options: Rx: 35/25

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