WODs for Tuesday 2/5/13


WODs for Tuesday 2/5/13

KB Class WOD: 2 rounds of:

200m 30 Box jumps 400m 20 Goblet Squats 200m 10 KB Push Presses 5 R/5L

Coaching Point: Push Press

Builds on shoulder press mechanics. Hold 1 kettlebell in each hand at shoulder level with the bell resting in the bend of the arm.

Shoulder Press to a straight arm finishing at full extension with the arms next to the ears.

Dip 1. Knees forward 2. Pelvis in anterior rotation 3. Chest Up!

quick change of direction and:

Drive (to full extension) Press Line of action = straight up and down, plum line

CF Class WOD: Skill: Ring Rows

Coaching Point: Line up the bottom of the ring with the center of your chest/nipple line: Maintaining a stiff plank of the body, lower yourself onto your heels Head neutral Retract your shoulder blades and pull yourself to the rings staying on your heels and keeping your arms to the side of your body

Work on lowering yourself towards the floor as much as possible while still maintaining proper form and technique.

Met-Con: For time: 5 Front squats 135/95 25 pull-ups 4 Front squats 20 pull-ups 3 Front squats 15 pull-ups 2 Front squats 10 pull-ups 1 Front squat 5 pull-ups

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