WODs for Tuesday, 2/7/17


WODs for Tuesday, 2/7/17

Strength: Alternating EMOM for 9 minutes: use 65-70% of Shoulder Press Max 5 Shoulder Presses 5 Push Presses 5 Push Jerks

Met-Con: 4, 3 minute Rounds (Rest 1 minute between each round):   Run 200M 25 abmat sit-ups Burpee box jumps

After you finish the run and sit-ups in a round, do as many burpee box jumps as possible until the clock hits 3 minutes. Your score is the total number of burpee box jumps completed so record them each round.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #2


For time:  Traveling Bells!

Repeat until you have completed 200 meters.

5x KB Cleans 5x KB Push Jerks 5x KB Front Squat 5x KB Snatch 20x KB Walking Lunges

alternate sides each round. 

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