WODs for Tuesday, 4/2/13


WODs for Tuesday, 4/2/13

KB Class WOD:


3×3 Floor Press


2 MAN TEAM WOD: KB 35/25 1 working while 1 holding isometric hold. Partners switch when the partner doing the isometric hold stops.

100 Figure 8 / Static squat 100 Russian Swings / Plank 100 Goblet Squats) / Hang on bar, activated shoulder 50 Snatch/ Handstand hold against wall 50 Burpees / Superman

CF Class WOD:

Skill: Kettlebell Windmill:

Coaching Point: The Kettlebell Windmill is a great assessment tool as you can learn a lot of things about how people move from watching them attempt this exercise.

Do they move through their hips or lumbar spine?

What flexibility limitations do they have?  I.e., where do they feel the stretch?

The windmill takes a ton of hip mobility.  Often you’ll see people fail to “push into” their hip, and as such, they simply use a mix of lumbar flexion and rotation to produce the movement.

Met-Con: 12 Minute Shuttle Sprint and Deadlift Ladder 1 Shuttle Sprint = 20 feet forward, 20 feet backwards

1 Shuttle Sprint 1 Deadlift 185/135lbs 2 Shuttle Sprints 2 Deadlifts 3 Shuttle Sprints Deadlifts and so un until you hit 12 minutes

At the 12 minute mark, run 400 meter or row 500 meters

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