WODs for Tuesday, 4/4/17


WODs for Tuesday, 4/4/17

Strength: Snatch 3×3 Handstand Hold or Handstand Push-ups

Met-Con: Partner WOD 150 DU or 300 singles 40 burpee box jump overs 40 db clusters 40 db front squats 40 db push press 40 burpee box jumps overs 150 DU or 300 singles

*Only one person works at a time, split up work as desired. *During DUs, non-working partner must be hanging from pullup bar for reps to count. *During all burpee box jump overs, non-working partner must be holding elbow plank for reps to count *No static hold during the db movements.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #4


Strength:  2 Rounds Goblet Squat, 5 reps (try to increase by 5-10lbs) Rest 1 minute Handstand Hold/Push-Up, 30 second holds or 3-6 reps Rest 1-2 minutes Met-Con: 2 Rounds One arm KB Swing,  15R/15L 30 Air squats One arm KB high pull 15R/15L 15 Push ups KB Snatch 15R/15L

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