WODs for Tuesday 4/5/11


WODs for Tuesday 4/5/11

Whew! A strength day after yesterday’s WOD!! But then wholly molly…look at the Bonus WOD.  Well, at least it is optional.  🙂

Our KBellers can’t avoid the burpees either.  Those darn things pop up everywhere.  🙂

CF Class WOD:

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Bonus WOD:

For 10 minutes do 10 double unders the first minute, do 20 double unders the second minute, to 30 the third… Once you cannot keep up with the clock continue doing double unders until time runs out. Post total rounds and how many you did in final round before that minute ran out. **sub tuck jumps if you can’t do double unders

KB Class WOD: Max rounds in 15 minutes 5x Burpees 10x Russian Swings 15x Dips

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