WODs for Tuesday, 5/1/12


WODs for Tuesday, 5/1/12

Snatch • 3 pulls same as clean • Builds on deadlift, Burgener warm-up, overhead squat • Burgener Warm-Up a. starting with the triple extension b. Wide grip “scarecrow” method – bringing the elbows up high and outside c. then up to the snatch and then the full exercise • Jumping stance feet under hips • Landing stance under shoulders • Bar is received overhead • Rise to full extension as in overhead squat

Faults • Bar travels outside of base • Jumping and/or landing stance too wide • Not using active shoulders/not fully extended or “shrugged” in receiving position

CF Class WOD:

WOD: 1. Snatch Complex 5 x Power Snatch + Squat Snatch

2. Run 4 x 400 Meters 2 Minutes Rest Between Intervals

3. GHD Sit Ups 3 x 20 Reps

KB Class WOD:

 200m run 5 Turkish get up R/L 100m run 30 American Swings 100m run 5 Turkish get up R/L 200m run

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