WODs for Tuesday 5/21/13


WODs for Tuesday 5/21/13

CF Class WOD: Skill: Rowing Technique

Coaching Point: There is a skill to rowing efficiently and work on your technique.  You want to go further faster with less strokes.

Make sure your movement is legs, arms, arms, legs (push off for one count, pause for one count and then come forward for 2 counts). Track your performance using the monitor – time on the left, strokes per minute on the right (low to mid 20’s), pace per 500 meters in the middle (close to 2:00 minute mark), meters rowed and then the graph showing stroke strength (the graph line should spike up with the push off of the legs, plateau and then drop down as you come forward.)

Met-Con: For Time: 10 Pull-ups 1 Lateral Burpee Jumps 9 Pull-ups 2 Lateral Burpee Jumps 8 Pull-ups 3 Lateral Burpee Jumps 7 Pull-ups 4 Lateral Burpee Jumps 6 Pull-ups 5 Lateral Burpee Jumps 5 Pull-ups 6 Lateral Burpee Jumps 4 Pull-ups 7 Lateral Burpee Jumps 3 Pull-ups 8 Lateral Burpee Jumps 2 Pull-ups 9 Lateral Burpee Jumps 1 Pull-up 10 Lateral Burpee Jumps

KB Class WOD: Skill: Turkish Get Up

Coaching Point: Turkish Get Ups (TGU) Review the following videos: Part 1: The Sit-up Part 2: The transition Part 3: Standing up



Box Jump H2H kettlebell swing Ring Dip

CFKids Class WOD: Skill: Plank holds/push ups WOD: 4 rounds – run 400 meters, 25 squats Game: Dodgeball

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