WODs for Tuesday 5/7/13


WODs for Tuesday 5/7/13

CFKids WOD: Skill Plank holds/push ups WOD Obstacle Course

CF Class WOD: Skill: Handstand Work

Coaching Point: This may be different for everyone. For some, this may be working to do them against the wall, for others to do a free standing handstand, for others, handstand walks.

Met-Con: Row 1000 meters or run 800 meters 25 Double-unders Row 750 meters or run 600 meters 50 Double-unders Row 500 meters or run 400 meters 100 Double-unders

KB Class WOD: Skill: Windmill Up the ladder down the ladder. 3 Movements Dual KB Clean from the ground Dual KB Front squat Dual KB Push jerk

Start the ladder. set 1, 1 rep. You will do 1 rep of each movement. 1 clean,squat,push jerk. Set 2, 2 reps. You will do 2 reps of each movement. 2 cleans then 2 squats finish with 2 push jerk. Set 3, 3 reps. 3clean 3squat 3push jerk. Continue up the ladder and same method down.


Tabata Hollow Rocks

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