WODs for Tuesday 6/19/12


WODs for Tuesday 6/19/12

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“Donna” 619-1972


400m Run 19 Air Squats 19 Sit Ups 19 SDHP 19 Push Ups 400m Run

3…2…1…GO! Hit the timer

Buy In – As a group, sing happy birthday


Rounds of 17-13-10 reps = 40 reps

Overhead = ground to overhead any way possible 55/35 1-DB or KB Lunges = using the same weight 55/35 one arm over head walking lunges (not half reps) Double Unders

cash out = 40m sprint (131 feet)


interval (tabata style) 6 rounds of: 40 seconds of work followed by 19 seconds of rest 

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