WODs for Tuesday 7/16/13


WODs for Tuesday 7/16/13

CF Class WOD: Strength: Fat Bar Deadlift 3×5

Coaching PointFat Bar deadlifts work on grip strength.  When you fail at a deadlift, it’s usually because you lose your grip, not because your legs can straighten while holding the heavy weight.  Work with weight that is heavy but where you can still hold onto the bar with a double overhand grip. Mixed grip is not allowed.

Met-con: AMRAP 1: Thrusters (95/ 65) AMRAP 6: 5 Pull Ups 10 Power Cleans (95, 65) 15 Double Unders

KB Class WOD: Strength:

KB SDHP 3-3-3


3 rounds for time of: Burpee Broad Jump, 50 ft 20 Kettlebell Swings, 55/35 5/5 KB Thrusters, 55/35

Coaching Point:  Check out page 22 of our Exercise Manual for proper KB Thruster form and technique.

CFKids Class WOD:

Skill:  Lateral Junps


10 minutes of:


10 Mountain Climbers

10 Lateral Jumps

Game: Musical Medicine Ball

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