WODs for Tuesday, 7/24/12


WODs for Tuesday, 7/24/12

PR (Personal Record) was had by many today for their deadlifts!!!  That PR Bell ring sounded so sweet!!

CF Class WOD:

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3


Death by Burpees!
  • First minute, do 1 Burpee 
  • Second minute, do 2 Burpees 
  • Third minute, do 3 Burpees 
  • And so on, add one more Burpee each minute
  • Use the remainder of the minute to recover, stop when you cannot complete the number of Burpees within the minute

KB Class WOD:

TGU 5/5

Push Press 10/10

Clean 15/15

SDHP, 20

Russian Swing, 25

American Swing, 30

Air Squats, 25

Clean, 10/10

Sit-up, 15

Push-Up, 10

Burpee, 5

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