WODs for Tuesday 7/9/13


WODs for Tuesday 7/9/13

KBellers posterior chains were on fire between their rowing, jumping, and sumos.  This is a great thing!!!  Build more power to lift heavier wiehgt with greater ease.

CFitters worked on their running technique.  There is a lot to learning how to run efficiently. Especially when you have to do strength movements in between runs.  Got to learn how to save energy to complete the task.

CF Class WOD:

Skill: 1. Running Technique:

Met-con: “Main Squeeze” 6 Rounds for Time: 6 Burpees 12 KBS (55,35) 18 Walking Lunges

CFKids Class WOD: Skill: Plank holds/push ups WOD: Stations – 90 sec at each, rowing, ball slams, sit ups, push ups/plank holds – 3 times at each station Game: CF Baseball

KB Class WOD: Skill:

Forward Roll:


3 Rounds 500m Row 12 KB SDHP 21 Box Jumps 20″

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