WODs for Tuesday 8/2/11


WODs for Tuesday 8/2/11

What a way to start of a week but with 2 hero WODs 2 days in a row.  First came “Nate”, then came “Randy”, who’s next!!  Our CFitters are tough though.  They took names and kick some @$$!!

And you thought burpee penalties were bad, check out the penalty for our KBellers if they miss the timing on their WOD!!

CF Class WOD: “Randy”

75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps

KB Class WOD: One Minute On…One Minute Off…for 10 minutes.

30 KB Swings – Heavy!

*You have 1 minute to get 30 KB swings. If you do not get 30 KB Swings in 1 minute, count a penalty. *Perform this workout one minute on and one minute off. Total time is 10 minutes.

*For any penalty counted, perform a 200 meter row

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