WODs for Tuesday, 8/30/11


WODs for Tuesday, 8/30/11

A turkish get-up (TGU) is a slow methodical movement that is more strenuous than it looks so erring on the side of lighter weight to ensure proper form is the key. Making a fist and then placing a shoe on top of your fist will give you the skill of shoulder stability without adding any weight to your own body weight.  IF the shoe falls off your fist, then you know you’re not in alignment.  Here is an instructional video right from Jeff Martone.


KB Class WOD: 5 TGU’s (total) 200m run 30 sit-ups 4 TGU’s (total) 400m run 30 sit-ups 3 TGU’s (total) 600m run 30 sit-ups

CF Class WOD: Four rounds for time: Run 400 meters Rest 2 minutes

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