WODs for Wednesday 10/26/11


WODs for Wednesday 10/26/11

Today was our first G-WOD for our group classes.  See below for the instructions on posting to www.gymnasticswod.com website.    In order to get Carl to Arenal, we need ALL of you to post the results from your G-WOD on the gymnasticswod.com site between now and November 30. The actual results themselves do not matter – what is important is that you ATTEMPT the G-WOD and post your experience with it. How You’ll Post Results: 1 – Do the G-WOD. WRITE YOUR RESULTS ON THE WHITEBOARD NEXT TO THE GHD’s. 2 – Visit www.gymnasticswod.com. The WODs are posted on the main page. You can scroll through to find the G-WOD by date. (We will post the date along with the WOD so you can find it on the site.) 3 – You can either log in to the site using your Facebook login, and then post a result on the Gymnastics whiteboard (online), selecting CROSSFIT ARENAL as your gym. OR you can leave a comment on the G-WOD. If you leave a comment, you must write your name and make sure to include CROSSFIT ARENAL in the comment. 4 – Note: If you’d like, you can post your results using the laptop at the gym before you leave.


Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3 reps

G-WOD: From 9/1/11:

2 minutes Max Air Squats Recover 1 minute 2 minutes Max Burpees Recover 1 minute 2 minutes Max Knees to Elbows

KB WOD: 6r/6l alt press 12 burpees 30 air squats

3 rounds

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