WODs for Wednesday 10/5/11


WODs for Wednesday 10/5/11

You thought the benchmark workouts or “named” workouts were your goal to try to do Rx (as prescribed like a doctor’s prescription).  Today was a benchmark workout on steroids.  Just when you thought “Cindy” couldn’t get any more challenging, now our CFitters had to do some deadlifts with her.

How long can you support your body weight?  Our KBellers found out tonight.  🙂

KB Class WOD: 4 Rounds for time:

4 double squat cleans 10 KB Snatch L/R 4 double squat cleans 30 seconds “static support hold” top position of Ring Dip.

CF Class WOD: “Deadlift Cindy” 10 DL’s, 1 round Cindy 8 DL’s, 2 rounds Cindy 6 DL’s, 3 rounds Cindy 4 DL’s, 4 rounds Cindy 2 DL’s, 5 rounds Cindy

Rx for deadlift is 1.25x BW – scale as neeed

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